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Black Lives Matter SHOULD change their title/slogan to Only Certain Black Lives Matter. They are a total disgrace to people like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

Life is Special
brief introductio
n about vfd control methods

Frequency variable technology comes into the world because there is a great demand of stepless speed regulation. After 1920, the development of device upgrade promotes the development of electronics technology. In 1980, the PWM mode optimization, the core technique of varying frequency, has attracted great attention of people. It drew a lot of PWM optimization methods that the saddle-shaped wave PWM (SAPW) mode works best. After 1980, the VVVF variable frequency drive has been announced to the market with a wide application range. Main Control Modes of Variable Frequency Drive The low voltage frequency inverter are of voltage output 380V~650V, frequency output 0.75KW ~400KW, 0~400Hz. Its control modes have experienced the following 4 generations: 1. U/f=C Sine Pulse Width Modulation Control Mode It features simple control circuit structure, low cost and good mechanical properties hardness. It meets the requirements of common smooth... (more)

Nettle's Musings
Note for myself.
I have started walking in the evenings, I want to get fitter. I weigh 205 lbs. I am trying not to snack, or at least avoid crisps. I am changing from my usual Iced Capp and getting it made with chocolate milk instead, which save almost 500 calories! I now work for a different clothing company and it is not plus size so not much fits me. I have a generous clothing allowance and I would like to fit in more of their clothes. But most importantly, I need to get fitter.

damn sexy
Shit I can't stand with every situation like this. My hands are cold and he appears in my head. Drive me crazy, I want him MORE. Damn his voice when he turned on. Damn he's so sexy, fuck.

Jari Dang Amai
#menanti A photo posted by Sinah Bisc@Stubborn Baker (@sinahbisc) on May 10, 2016 at 8:45pm PDT Moga semuanya baik-baik saja

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